Born in Jersey City, NJ which is also know as Jungle City, Chilltown, and Killtown USA. The streets of this city is far from having a nurturing environment. "You learn to adapt really fast from a really young age as a child the same ways that animals do. I guess that's why they call it Jungle City." Music has always been a part of Chase's life as long as he can remember. "My father was a huge music fanatic. He had crates of music from all different genres- from gospel to soul. No matter if it was on 8-track, 12" or 45's vinyl, cassettes or CD's."
     It was a weekly routine for Chase to make record store runs for his father to pick up the latest releases. Chase had developed the same habit of collecting music at age 10 when he received his first boom box. He was influenced by music from the forties and beyond. Chase use to spend leisurely time recording music and memorizing the words to the songs. He use to write poetry until he realized that he could combine them into songs. "When I was about 14 years of age my little sister formed a rap group with her friends that consisted of twin sisters who entered and won talent shows. I ghost wrote my sister's verses which set the auditorium on fire. I was impressed and that is when I realized that I had a gift."
     Chase's father was strict due to his military background which disabled Chase to run the streets. That is what caused Chase to spend most of his time concentrating on music. It became a time in Chase's life where he hit a crossroads to decide whether to pursue music or to follow his father's footsteps and join the military. Chase served four years in the U.S. AirForce. Throughout his years in the AirForce he would get together with his fellow soldiers and do performances at the clubs on the military bases. As much as he traveled other avenues besides making music, he always found himself writing songs. To date he has about 300 songs plus that he has written.
     No matter what Chase did in life, his father was supportive and gave direction. It was until his father succumbed to cancer that he began to pour his emotions in between the lines on paper. "I'm not sure how the inspiration comes about but I could be doing something like driving and I would have to pull over to write a song or a verse that has popped into my head. For me, writing a song often comes as easily as tying my sneakers. I pretty much can write to any type of music that I hear." Chase doesn't write songs or do music because he has to. He does it because it is in his heart and is his passion. Chase has also learned and taught himself audio engineering which allows himself to mix and master his own music. No matter what he does in life he always finds his way back to music. Now with him more focused on his music, the world will be able to see his capabilities.